Switch to smarter healthcare

DocIS is your at-home healthcare concierge that redefines virtual care for all your medical needs.

Video consultation

Consult your doctor anywhere, anytime

Start a private video consultation session with your doctor anywhere, anytime and on any device using our browser-based video consultation feature — no download of software needed.

Remote monitoring

Your health at your fingertips

Track your vitals using our medical-grade digital wearables to stay on top of your health charts. Subscribe to DocIS to track and monitor your BP, temperature, ECG, respiration rate and other vitals and act with urgency whenever needed.

Secure Platform

Reinforced patient-doctor confidentiality

Enjoy uncompromised security while using DocIS for your video consultation and medical needs. Our end-to-end encryption ensures that none of your data is compromised. Share medical files and chat with your doctor without any security concerns.

Enjoy remote medical assistance and get your healthcare needs sorted from home with DocIS.